Best Alternatives to Tinder

If you’re here, we’re going to assume that you already know what Tinder is all about. But since we’re going to be talking about alternatives, let’s first define what we will be finding alternatives to.

At it’s core, Tinder is the gamification of online dating. Instead of scrolling through hundreds or thousands of online profiles – the app gives you an easy to digest overview of all the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes that fit within your prescribed criteria.

Making it more of a practical game of Hot or Not. If you think someone is hot and swipe right, that person gets added to a list. If you think someone is not and swipe left, that person disappears from your life never to be seen again… until a few weeks down the line when Tinder runs out of fresh faces to show you of course.

The only way to get access to the people that you actually want to talk to is if they also think you’re hot (or at least “eh, why not”). This is what is considered as a “Match” in Tinder Land.

The whole concept revolves around matching with people who are also interested in you and eliminating all the noise outside of that. Brilliant idea, honestly.

But, capitalism. Since the inception of Tinder there have been a slew of contenders that have popped up all over the place. Some, which may even do the whole Tinder thing better than Tinder. How ironic is that?

Apps Like Tinder

Remember, in this post, we’re only talking about other apps that do what Tinder does, aka matching, with little to no real variations.

1. Bumble

The Tinder clone that gives women the power to make the first move. On Bumble, once a match has happened, only women are allowed to send that bold initial message.

As you’ve probably found out though, most women suck at making the first move and will probably hit you with the infamous “hey!”. So really you’re still on the hook for sparking a conversation, but on this app, you have more explicit permission.

This concept helps to keep women from getting inundated with messages that they will never respond to.

If you’re tired of getting left on read, then Bumble is a great option to knock that percentage down by a few points. But only a few.

2. Grindr

Following the trend of copying what works with a little twist, Grindr is essentially Tinder for anyone who isn’t looking for a generic heterosexual experience if you catch our drift.

It doesn’t matter if you are gay, bisexual, trans, or just a little curious. Grindr will be your favorite playground for finding your flavor of “I’d hit that”.

The rules are a little less defined on this option. Many users don’t even go as far as filling out their profiles completely. The emphasis is not so subtly geared more towards hooking up than anything else.

In that instance, a well written bio may not be necessary. Lucky bastards.

3. Happn

The hook for Happn besides the hip spelling where you leave out vowels which has NEVER been done for a dating app, I mean, come on guys… Where were we?

Right, the hook for Happn is that you get shown people that you have crossed paths with in real life. A solid idea for those of you who live busy lives and are usually out and about getting things done.

A not so great idea for those of us who only leave our house when we absolutely need to. Which is becoming blissfully irrelevant more and more as time passes.

Once you match, like any other app on this list, you get the opportunity to chat and see if the personality behind the profile is a match as well.

The Tinder tips on this site will help you weed out the impostors just as well on any of these as well. Just FYI.

4. OkCupid

OkCupid gives a refreshing priority to preferences that other dating apps don’t. When you create a profile, not only are you asked questions about yourself, but you also get the opportunity to share what you want the profiles they show you to have as their answer to the same question.

No more profiles of people who love to hike, and prefer a night in with a box of pizza rather than going to the club! Imagine that.

If you have particular intellectual or lifestyle requirements for the people you want to meet, then OkCupid could be your weapon of choice. Get it? Cause Cupid uses a bow and arrow…

Ok, we’ll stop.

5. Hinge

If you like dating apps because they give you unrestricted access to people who you would have never met outside of your social circle, then Hinge is not for you.

That’s literally it’s whole thing.

It collects your Facebook friends and offers connections related to that. Showing only those that you have in common with other people that you are already connected with. Something that could be useful if you’re interested in people within your circle but maybe don’t want to make things weird by sliding in those DMs.

A World of Possibilities

For those who are in the market, there are no shortage of tools to find people that can add value to your life, romantically or otherwise. Use this list to add to your arsenal, but don’t be limited by it either.

If none of these work for you for whatever reason, try other options that may better suit your specific needs. It’s wild, crazy, beautiful world out there and your perfect match could be just a swipe away.

Good hunting.

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